The Love Game is a Naruto Fanfiction where the Genin of Konoha are being used in an odd game. It was written for the purpose of making fun of Relationshipping.

Chapter 1Edit

Hinata was staring at Naruto from a distance. She wanted to talk to him and confess her feelings, but couldn't find the strength to do so. Little did she realize she was being watched by Cupid, the Roman God of love. He was about to hit Naruto with a love arrow when Aphrodite intervened. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love thought Hinata would be better of with Kiba, and Naruto with Sakura. As their arguement intensified until Venus, another Goddess of love, showed up and suggested they have a little fun with not just those four, but the entire group of Genin in Konoha. Using their powers, along with the inability of mortals to see them, they would alter the love lives of the nine shinobi. So the game began.

Chapter 2Edit

Neji and Ten Ten saw Hinata and they decided to help her talk to Naruto. They shout Naruto's name to get him to come over. As Naruto walked in their direction, Aphrodite hit Neji with some love powder causing him to suddenly blurt out to Ten Ten, "I love you." Ten Ten is speechless, and there was an awkward silence. Naruto and Hinata walked away so that they could be alone. Cupid sees Ino and Sakura fighting over Sasuke in the distance. Cupid hits Sakura with an arrow making her fall in love with Choji, who was trying to break up Sakura and Ino's fight. Ino sees Sakura and Choji walk away together and is hit by Venus' love darts. Ino wanting to be with Choji, and Sasuke jealous of Sakura's newest object of affection causes Sasuke to battle Choji, and Ino to fight Sakura. Shikamaru sees the four way fight and stops everything with a shadow possession jutsu.

Chapter 3Edit

Ten Ten and Neji had a talk and they decided to start going out. While Naruto and Hinata are alone, kiba and Shino show up. Kiba, Shino, and Naruto are all hit with love darts, love arrows, and love powder. A three-way fight for Hinata begins, which ends with her using her gentle fist style to knock them all unconcious. Hinata starts to cry, creating guilt for the three deities. They decide to unite their powers to alter the time stream so none of these event had occured. They succeeded just as Choji, Ino, Sakura, and Sasuke, were about to break free from the shadow possession. Hinata is once again standing in a distance staring at Naruto. she is about to walk away, but Naruto sees her, runs over to her, and asks her to join him for some Ramen. Ten Ten and Neji show up as before, and smile at Naruto and Hinata as the two of them sit down together. Ten Ten and Neji then smile at each other. &nbsp